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I get the sense that he is attracted to me as welll and it's starting to feel a little awkward.I'm wondering if any of the guys were in a similiar situation with a new female employee and how they handled it? Luckily, it never went beyond a little harmless flirting mostly because I made it clear that there wasn't going to be anything more (even if it killed me! Many people will tell you that dating the boss or subordinate can work but IMO, you just open yourself up to more problems than I'd ever want to deal with. I have worked with alot of men because of my profession. People have long memories and this type of situation might even follow her to the next job. If you enjoy your job you need to have a talk with this guy and let him know it's professional at that's it.

Employee dating the boss

When you refuse to lie for them, you are the one on the s***-list. It may not work out between you, or he might be some crazy whinny non-commital type. He might even pursue other women in the company, but you will have to keep your mouth shut.

He will keep his professionalism around other employees but with you again he will be personal. He will probably still want sex from you as well as the other women at the same time. Most of the guys I work with are married and I use to observe the behaviour of the women who sleep around.

Work is one of the more common places where people meet their spouses, recently coming in after friends and the internet.

Despite these recent statics, the workplace still ranks among the top places to meet your spouse, though there seems to be a kind of professional and personal taboo about dating people from your workplace, especially your boss.

This includes kissing, hugging, hand-holding, or even staring at each other from across the room.

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