Chat con cam sexo chili - Dropbox symlink not updating

by  |  04-Feb-2016 00:37

To include further computers, just follow the template for the second PC, outlined above.

I hope this post provides a useful solution to you, my valued reader.

As a brief recap: Zotero allows you to organize all your research sources and create a complete digital library with the click of a few buttons.

To learn more about this fantastic tool and why every knowledge worker should consider using it, please check this post.

On the second PC (and further PCs) we also have to create a symbolic link named storage in the Zotero data folder that redirects to the folder storage in Dropbox.

If the folder storage already exists in your Zotero folder (on the second PC), you have to delete this folder.

Since we assume here that you have performed a fresh Zotero installation, this folder should still be empty.

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