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I wish to be tied up on my bed, on my stomach and spanked gently at first. Then I will take it from there." - Janine4004"I have recently joined the dark side of my sexuality and have already met 3 people from SS.My last partner tied me up as asked and then shoved a dildo in my pussy for 2 hours making cum and cum.

I have found that li’ls are very adventurous and enjoy a wide variety of experiences, with the caveat that they are safe and have no worries about losing their daddies.

This Great post was Written by Master_James_ over on Fetlife and i just thought it were too good not to share.

Our last encounter resulted in me having to cum every 15 minutes or I got a spanking from her.

We are now looking for new guys/girls interested in spending the evening with us who like this kind of sex." - Kprops"I am looking for someone who is serious about helping me get into BDSM.

Daddy’s will know exactly what their li’ls love, and will provide surprises and presents on a pretty regular basis. Often times these rewards are things that kids love, Teddy Bears, Pajamas, Pretty Candy, and Toys.

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