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'We probably had the most in common off-screen because we’re both single mums, we’re both the breadwinner and always have been and we’re pretty much the same age.

I think that uniquely defines a person.'It’s not having a husband who works so can take half the burden.

The time I wasn’t working I was with her and the time I wasn’t with her I was working.’Which is partly the reason we’re here.

Much of those early years with Emerson were filled with nights in watching films and magical trips to Disney parks in California and Florida where Teri and her daughter were completely spoilt – they even got to stay the night in the Cinderella castle. You’re only ever going to get to stay there one night in your life so we didn’t want to go to sleep. We ate chocolate bars and big pretzels and watched Cinderella, Lady And The Tramp and Atlantis, which is one of her favourites.’ That love of Disney animation has inspired Teri to star in the studio’s latest film, Planes.

Eva Longoria is “All About Love.” The divorced “Desperate Housewives” star is channeling her real-life heartbreak into a new reality show.

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