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by  |  12-Jun-2015 01:23

And when you are ready to make a commitment then consider getting to know someone well, perhaps by starting a friendship with him and then when are you more aware of him and his character, then you can start thinking of dating (courtship) that person.

You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship with someone to grow up!

‘I kissed dating goodbye’ point is: if you are not ready yet to make a long term commitment to someone, then don’t think about dating or going into a romantic relationship. Focus on building your future, yourself, be supportive to everyone around you, caring, and love all people.

And after reading this, I believe that still holds.

This book may be more pertinent if there are issues in a relationship or dichotomies in your expectations, religious views and morals.

Relationship is the fuel which makes change and growth possible.

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