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Any opportunity to reduce shame, guilt and sadness surrounding you or your MS needs to be seized.

To combat this, work to establish a rule to follow regarding your MS diagnosis.

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In some cases, the current risks will be too strong for you to devote energy towards dating.

To concretely identify your risks, consider making a list including aspects like: With your list of risks written, it is time to begin thinking about what you expect from this relationship.

Wading through dating sites, trying to strike up a conversation with someone in the produce aisle, and going on another blind date with the goal of finding your soul mate is a challenging proposition.

As difficult as dating is, the challenge is intensified for those that date with multiple sclerosis (MS).

If your only goal is finding “the right person” immediately, you might miss many opportunities to grow and learn about yourself and others. If your goal is to land “the big one” on the first cast, you are going to experience overwhelming failure. If you shift your goal to something more realistic like getting a few nibbles during a day on the lake, it will lower your stress and disappointment.

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