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Just like I won’t go with drunks or men old enough to die in bed.” “So what age do you like? Instead, Paul says, the “sexcapades” of young men in foreign brothels is probably something more akin to the Vegas effect.“They might approach the whole thing as, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’,” Paul said.“A lot of the young guys come in here looking for older women,” said Nuria, a fit-looking sex worker north of 40.

Still, it’s not something he partakes in at home, “because it’s dangerous and you don’t know which ones are transvestites.” Ruben said he hired a Dominican prostitute in a bar at Costa Rica’s Playa Jacó, which has quickly become the main coastal hub for Central America’s sex tourism industry.

On any given night, a throng of 80-100 sex workers — mostly Colombians and Dominicans — press up against young American surfers in tightening board shorts.

“So even if they participate in such an activity that they might consider as debauchery in normal situations, since they are in a foreign land it becomes acceptable.

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Then he opens his Whats App and shows me the ongoing chats he’s maintained in strained Spanglish with his new sex-worker friends.

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