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If you have forgotten your password, please check to confirm that you do not already have a letter from CIE containing the login details.If you are still unable to find your password, please contact CIE Customer Services on [email protected] informing us of your centre number and a secure fax number that we can use to send your log in details.The two other things I would have preferred to do differently, is avoiding the deep intendation, and moving some logic out from the if()'s.

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If you are from an attached centre, please contact your distributor centre, who will be able to provide your log in details.

In order to confirm the Universal Jobmatch account you want to regain access to, we need to confirm the email address that you saved in the profile of your Universal Jobmatch account.

This method of password retrieval relies on the assumption that only the legitimate owner of the account has access to the inbox for that particular e-mail address.

The process is often initiated by the user clicking on a forgotten password link on the website where, after entering their username or e-mail address, the password notification e-mail would be automatically sent to the inbox of the account holder.

Password Reset is 100% guaranteed to get you logged back into your Windows computer or receive a full refund.

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