is dating the same as being a couple - Dating coupling and mate selection

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Does the person have motivation, I want to succeed and grow as a couple, everyone has different wants out of a mate, personally I looked for a mate that was a team player, that would be flexible and adaptable with life circumstances...

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The result is that men have difficulty communicating their true needs in a way that women understand, and may be perplexed as to what women are truly saying in their seemingly constant yet vague discourse.

To women, men may seem totally uncommunicative about their feelings, and are likely to misinterpret men’s means of communicating their needs.

Studies have shown people decide within the first three seconds of meeting an individual if they are attracted to him or her on a physical level.

This physical attraction, if reciprocated, may lead to conversation between the two.

“Our natural yearnings are our genes’ way of reproducing themselves” (Psychology. From personal experience I believe this to be true, when I look at a woman that I find attractive, the hips, complexion and healthy appearance are vital parts to finding her attractive.

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