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I had sent in an online request for a prescription refill last night after hours.

When we answered no, she quickly went to the shelf where the vitamins were located and brought back the discount coupon for each product so we could obtain the discount for which we were entitled. San Leandro, CA January 26, 2017 — #Thank You Your Pharmacist Jerry at store #11143 is the best. I suffer from PTSD and do not like to go out in crowds.

Maya was polite and respectful during this whole process. After suffering a herniated disc as a nurse, I suffer from much nerve pain. Downingtown, PA January 26, 2017 — #Thank You Svetlana, the pharmacist, always steps up to the plate anytime I need anything, especially when I have let my prescriptions run out and I am in a bind. Jose excused himself quickly and returned with a coupon for the Visine and a promotional free bag of chips. Los Angeles, CA January 25, 2017 — #Thoughtful Steve helped open my camera and stayed with me to pick out the correct photos. I was unable to deliver on my promise but told her she would receive the gift.

So Rite Aid should gain access to those users to send info and advertisements.

In addition to marketing, with beacons they also are now more ready for greater in-depth Io T connectivity for better data. So we could see an even greater roll-out of beacons beyond Rite Aid soon.

Customer service is so important in this competitive world and I really felt she cared. He did not rush us through the paces and was very informative, step by step.

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