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In today’s modern world of dating, being wooed by a guy in the traditional sense of the word seems to be dying out.

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A simple text or call asking about her day demonstrates your genuine interest in a woman’s life and well-thought-out opinions and robust actions are more likely to win over today’s single women.#5 COMPASSIONKindness in all forms is a vital attribute women expect from a man.

From treating the auntie selling tissue paper with respect to helping an uncle cross a busy road, public displays of kindness say a lot about the man without him having to say anything at all.

If you haven’t already noticed, women these days are seeking the softer, more emotional attributes in a guy.

This is perhaps a reflection of wider changes in our culture and society where women are just as likely to be in high-flying careers, and are financially independent and more worldly-wise. You could say they are today’s fabulous five relationship makers.#1 COMMITMENTIn today’s social media-driven dating environment, making a genuine commitment to give a relationship a real chance is a big plus.

Opener image by Local Culture Guide Wendy Tse is founder and head matchmaker at Society W, a boutique matchmaking consultancy targeted at Asia’s elite single men and women.

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