Dating a swiss k31 40k dating sim

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This is a World War II battle rifle that never saw battle.

Every male over the age of 20 was issued one at the time (and that Swiss custom continues to this day for the most part), but Switzerland was never invaded.

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Until recently the supply of any Swiss rifles had dwindled to those already in collections.

Like myself, most collectors and accumulators don’t like to give up their Schmidt Rubin style rifles, because there is no comparison to the meticulous precision in a wooden stocked bolt action battle rifle.

Swiss K31 7.5x55mm at Samco Global Swiss are know for two things, neutrality and precision.

There is a lot more going on over there than just those two things, but if you look at history, the Swiss are known for being a neutral country during both World Wars, and for their meticulous precision in things like watches.

The entire pull is literally straight, and the bolt rotates inside the action, not unlike the AR-15, which is an indirect descendent of the Schmidt Rubin.

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