Dating a guy who smokes weed Calcutta phone sex chat

by  |  28-Dec-2015 06:56

We both got really high and went to the opera for my birthday, which seemed like a great idea — until it wasn’t. It’s snowing onstage and you don’t know why everyone is singing in tongues, and all these fancily dressed people are glaring at you. When she smoked, she’d either be next to normal or high out of her head.I got in the habit of texting “Are you a solid or a liquid?

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But I would also advise you to be aware of the bigger issue here.

If you discover he really is smoking pot, your friendship might be the influence he needs to quit.

I know maybe 30 people who smoke weed religiously, and I only really loathe about 10 of them. If the weed effects them positively and doesn’t render them an unmotivated, moody, loser, I’m all for it.

It's always hard to know when a person is giving you information because they care about you or because they just like to gossip. If this guy's a Christian, and using drugs, I'd say his problems are bigger than you can handle.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some fucking moron stoners.

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