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Vill Wannarot entered the Thai Entertainment Industry alongside Son Songpaisarn when they both auditioned together at Exact.Son Songpaisarn and Vill Wannarot were later paired up and debuted as leading roles in the lakorn Kaew Lorm Petch.Also remember that I never promote any products or services here unless I've used and loved them myself.

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Best to take your lady friend on a dinner date where there's a "fusion" type menu available and then perhaps to a music club where the two of you can listen to some live music.

A great entertainment place in Bangkok for this is at Once the ice is broken you could go for a walk in the park, go to a local street market or a fairground attraction for some fun.

Now I know a lot of you will be thinking - why doesn't he take her to his hotel and be done with it.

But before I continue along this path you have to consider a few facts as far as the dating game goes in the land of smiles. After all, she needs to have that little extra sparkle to light up your night. She'd prefer to go to a Thai restaurant, but a western one will also make the grade. Now that you've got to know your date a little better this would be the best time to head back to the hotel.

As it happened, I was introduced to a nice Thai girl by a taxi driver I'd just met. (Though this is not the norm) He soon began talking on the phone to a family member - then passed the phone to me.

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