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The rich traditions and customs of the place are greatly supported by the locals who are trying to save them with every way.

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At the main entrance that is located South, dominates the flying lion of St. The castles history is connected with repeated battles while even today different stories about ghosts that appear at the day breaks of May.

One explanation of this phenomenon is that it’s caused by mirror images from the North coast of Africa.

A night swim is a must as you can also sleep on the beach under a sky full of stars. Gavdos is located on the most Southern part of Europe and it is a small island 20 miles South from Sfakia.

Whoever has discovered the real beauty of Agia Roumeli and it’s residents is a very fanatic visitor and they never change this for any other destination. Even though it is a small island it has got a very rich history because of it’s geographic spot. because of bad weather, while he was being transferred to Rome to be judged.

The people are very friendly and always willing to treat you a shot of “tsikoudia”.

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