Consolidating two itunes libraries dating flowers advice

by  |  25-Jul-2015 14:56

The disadvantage to consolidating only becomes a problem when you have limited storage space.Having multiple copies of the same file may take up more space than is necessary, and if hard drive space is limited, this may become an issue.Otherwise, they end up in your Music folder under Libraries.

The result is that you will have two copies of your files in your i Tunes library; one copy in its original location, and one in your "i Tunes music" folder.

Of course, you do have the option, at this point, to delete the original files and only keep the newly created copies in your i Tunes library.

Whether you have them organized in multiple folders in several locations or if you simply have a folder for music and videos, the files themselves are not located in the same folder.

Because of this, as you play audio or video through i Tunes, each file you choose (or your computer chooses if you are shuffling) will have to have i Tunes locate the file through its library to the location of the file wherever it is stored.

This would make sense if you are only consolidating music and video from one computer, but may not make as much sense if you are copying music from another computer on your network, as that computer will not have access to the file any longer. One, it makes it easier to locate your music or video for playback because the files are all consolidated into one location.

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