dating a black man experience - Confused dating

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Such men are convinced that it is perfectly fine for him to be "a gatherer," but the problem is, women are not natural "hunters." Nevertheless, because women are ever the adapters, they have chosen to compensate for the rise of the culturally androgynous male, aka, the "male gatherer." She has now assumed his previous role---that of protector and provider. He is the male who claims he has embraced equality; however, he has actually embraced laziness when it comes to dating. The "gatherer" is not adept at committing, pursuing or providing. Feminists had the right idea about wanting more equality, as in equal pay, but they got a little side-tracked by the free love thing.What they didn't realize is that most men are more than happy to accept the "No Strings Attached" philosophy of "free love." His philosophy goes something like this: "If we live together, I will enjoy the convenience of having a quasi-wife, but without any messy responsibilities or financial risk." The male gatherer is into low stress relationships. " Meanwhile, he takes pleasure in having sex on a regular basis.

Consequently, there is a whole lot of friction going on in the world of dating. has failed us when it came to love, romance and commitment.

For example, in recent decades, women have begun hunting and gathering for the male, so to speak. In and of itself, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is confusing. Because our society has inadvertently produced a new male prototype who, because of free love, has become adept at putting in the time and effort to pursue a woman who truly interests him, the way men used to do. Unfortunately, too many American men have morphed into something we did not foresee coming.

In the event he should decide the woman doesn't meet his needs after all, he has no problem leaving. Gratification with no commitment and no repercussions---That's his motto.

Yet sadly, women offer themselves up to this so-called male "feminist" who is actually a "gatherer" in disguise.

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