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He was tall, gregarious and after just a few seconds treated me as if he had known me all of his life.

Three weeks later, Rickey and his fellow season 2 contestants came by the office to get a lesson in "Charts 101" for a segment that was being taped for the show.

As a 22-year old, he was dressed like a 50-year old man in his shirt and tie.

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For over a year, I moved the truck around so it wouldn't be towed as an abandoned car. The answer was always the same and he always remembered it was the anniversary of his visit to the office. It was my turn to call him back when I read the devastating news that he had been killed in a traffic accident, his 2015 Honda Accord struck head-on by a wrong-way driver on I-240 in Oklahoma.

On one recent phone call he shared his good news: he was a father to a newborn daughter. The driver has been arrested and is under suspicion of drunk driving.

I can't believe I'm writing ' Rest in Sweet Peace my dear friend.'"Michael Orland (associate musical director, seasons 1-15):"I have the greatest memory of Rickey's first audition for the judges in Nashville.

I remember being so impressed with Rickey's voice and his smile.

So it was easy to get together and go out to dinner. It was his first Stephen Sondheim musical and I was right -- he loved it.

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