Christian radio host dating dark

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Berry also appeared with Knupp in blackface on a promotional billboard for the radio station in Orange, Texas.

[The Austin Chronicle, 12/6/13; The Michael Berry Show, 9/14/12; The Michael Berry Show, 11/26/12; The Michael Berry Show, 9/24/12] Berry Was Criticized For Posting Racially-Charged Tweets During A Speech By Michelle Obama.

This semester, I’ve lived and studied in Florence, Italy and was able to stream Star 93.3 online to spread Ch…I asked my boss one day if I could change the station to 93.3 at my desk and she said it was there for me.

One night I was closing and reminded a visitor to turn off the stereo in the back room.

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[KRIV, 9/5/12] Berry Mocked The Mayor Of Houston's Sexuality.

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