full episodes of the dating game - Christian dating no physical attraction

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Others may stop caring as much what they eat and frequent fast food joints more often.Still others may swap out their charming outfits for old ragged flannels.

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However, after the wedding vows, staying physically attractive tends to become less and less important for both men and women.

Some may drop their exercise routine from 4 days a week down to 1-2 or none at all.

In my opinion, most people base their initial attraction solely on physically attraction – which is understandable, because it’s the first thing you see of someone in most cases.

However, that should never be your foundation for choosing a mate or basing your interest on someone.

Then, on the first date or in the coming 1-2 weeks, sex is happening and then we wonder why we are broken, empty, disappointed, and hopeless about love.

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