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“I took a year and a half out from recording, to stop listening to everyone else’s ideas and questions to become more self-reflective.While I did that I came up with the songs for Better, and the songs and the album were my therapy,” she explained.And we're not allowed to have an opinion on any of it. The other day, one of his friends had on a blazer and I said, 'Remember your friend who wore the blazer,' and he's like 'Oh yeah,' and then he's into it.

“When I met Rick we had this chemistry from the day we met,” said the 29-year-old.

“As soon as I saw him I thought, ‘that dude is so cool.’ I have this thing for rappers, I love hip-hop, I love the culture, and so I was really upset when we stopped talking.” Speaking about the 2010 awards ceremony where Michele and Ross were due to perform together before he walked out, the Be Ok singer explained that she felt betrayed by the rapper and his actions. It was the first time that Soul Train had aired hip-hop on their show and for me that was a big deal.

When I got upset I didn’t want to drink alcohol or do drugs, so I ate pizza and it would be four slices at a time,” Michele continued, pointing out that “while I was introspective I lost all the weight and I fell back in love with my body and myself again.” Loving yourself is not an easy thing to do, especially when you have people judging your every move.

When Michele went for ‘the big chop’ and shaved off all her hair at the beginning of 2010, she was scrutinised by her fans and the black community.

My entire existence in the music industry was about being a soulful girl that hip-hop embraced.

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