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Over a period of many years I found commonalities that almost all relationships with Chinese girls had.

These I realized could be taught to people so they could avoid the many headaches and heartbreak so many westerners had faced.

Within China itself it can work in several different ways, for example: A Chinese girl who goes to a dating agency in China, but can speak very little English, pays for the dating services; then an interpreter sends emails to the westerner who has replied to the online profile.

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The following are some of the common complaints I hear from western guys who are dating or are married to a Chinese girl:1.

She gets too over-emotional, not just in the way a western woman would, but really 'over the top' emotional.2.

If you are still considering the 'leave her' option you should know that Chinese girls can find all kinds of angles to keep you.... Whereas a western female will view her own opinion as much more important than anybody else's, a Chinese female will, more often than not due to cultural conditioning, view everybody else's view of her and her life as more relevant than even her own opinion of her life, and relationship situation.

and as a man who has been subject to them, and knowing many others who have also been too, you should know that once she gets going on her mission you won't want to leave her either.... It's much better in the beginning to have the inside track and then steer the relationship down a path that will be mutually beneficial and satisfying, this way you get the girl you want, and she gets the man she wants. It's not simply enough to say "oh, who cares what they think!

Getting the females phone number as soon as possible is a good idea, no matter how little English she may or may not speak.

Chinese dating agency scams

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