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Oracle has changed Java’s update process to be more intrusive to encourage computer users to upgrade to the latest version. By default, an installation of Java will check for updates and then will prompt the end user to install the update whether or not the user has Admin rights.

This article does not cover how to disable all update notifications, just the task tray notification that was common in 2012. If you can’t remove it, run it in a sandboxed environment and not your day-to-day system.

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Use the Group Policy Editor to set the update policy override for the Google Chrome Binaries application and try again;” do you even have to in the first place?

Although updating any software always runs the risk (however small) of breaking something, web browsers are a tool you want to keep as up-to-the-minute updated as possible so you can minimize the threat of zero-day exploits and security holes.

July 1, 2012 Update – The tutorial has been tested against both Java 6 and Java 7.

While it isn’t possible for me to test against every single ‘Update’ of each version, I have tested the Gold/RTM version of both and several later releases with the same experience that is outlined in the tutorial.

As long as your ‘Action’ is set to ‘Update,’ you should be good…

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