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Despite the guy's attempts to leave Sweet Dee behind, the entire group ends up traveling inside Dee's small car and the back of a U HAUL trailer.The gang makes many stops along the way (switching cars, the Italian Market to buy wicker furniture for the trailer and fruit for Charlie, bathroom stops, and picking up a hitchhiker).

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Dennis, Charlie, and Dee attempt to stage an intervention on Frank because they feel it's no longer fun to drink with him.

As a part of his attempt to become as depraved as possible, Frank attempts to seduce his former sister-in-law (Nora Dunn), who Mac is also interested in seducing.

Charlie tries to use it on The Waitress but he doesn't quite grasp the concept.

The Gang tells Dee that her boyfriend (from The Gang Wrestles for the Troops) is using the system on her.

, Charlie Kelly, played by the effortlessly hilariously Day, has been infatuated with Mary Elizabeth Ellis' character, who's known simply as The Waitress.

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