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If the overall amount of snow has held steady while the number of snow days has decreased, that necessarily implies New York has been getting some heavy snowfalls to make up for the decreased frequency. Severe winter weather has received less study by climatologists than other impacts of climate change.

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At a high temperature of 50 degrees, there’s about six times as much precipitation as at 20 degrees.

The point is that temperatures just below freezing can be something of a sweet spot for major snowstorms. 1, 1869, through this past Sunday, 53,350 days elapsed.

Based on this experiment, in other words, the fact that New York has had so many record-setting snowfalls recently probably isn’t just a coincidence or a fluke. In the winters of 1999-2000 through 2013-14, there were a total of 19 days, or about 1.3 per winter, with a snowfall total of at least 6 inches at Central Park.

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