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Just in case someone questions your phone use, these apps can be set to show a different icon image and make it look like other non-camera apps.

In case of inspections, images are also stored in secret folders.

Lastly, check out the “App-Driven Motorized Camera Mount for i Phone” on Amazon.

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If you need multiple burst shots, use the auto-click and auto-interval settings to cover every movement of the subject you’re aiming at.

You can also set it to take snapshots on front or back cameras. When installed on either i Phone or Android phone, this secret camera app has a discreet icon and name.

Available for free for both i OS and Android users, Hidden Camera app installs a secret widget on your menu and by tapping it, this app takes pictures right away.

When there’s no time to load camera apps and albums, this app lets you capture fleeting moments. You can set which camera and resolution by default it’s going to use. You can turn on the vibration or short message notification on the app.

With more than three million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, Epoc Cam Wireless Virtual Computer Webcam is the most popular and most frequently downloaded webcam app in the App Store.

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