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"A lot of those cafes don't keep any records, so tracking someone down and bringing them to the U. is extremely difficult, both financially and logistically." Fighting Human Nature As a result, the military focuses on prevention by educating women about the realities of life in a combat zone.

"I keep telling people to talk to someone who's been in the military," Grey says with a little sigh.

It never even occurred to me even though I know there are scams out there." Instead, she wired him $1,400.

Once she sent the money, though, she "started having this kind of weird feeling in my stomach." She looked up the number for Genthe's satellite phone and discovered that the calls were placed from Nigeria.

Each carrier owns a specific number(s) and you can identify the numbers based off of that information. XXX – XXX – XXXX The last four digits of a US phone number is the subscriber number.

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