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If you are an amateur golfer who plays tournament golf, or is otherwise highly skilled and wishes to protect your amateur status, think twice before participating in a Calcutta auction.

The USGA's policy on gambling states that participating in Calcuttas can put amateur status at risk: Other forms of gambling or wagering where there is a requirement for players to participate (e.g., compulsory sweepstakes) or that have the potential to involve considerable sums of money (e.g., calcuttas and auction sweepstakes – where players or teams are sold by auction) may be considered by a Governing Body to be contrary to the purpose of the Rules (Rule 7-2).

If your team then wins the tournament, your team and Team X split the Calcutta payout.

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If a golf tournament is being run to raise money for charity, the organizers might include a Calcutta auction to raise additional money.

In such a case, the money bid in the auction might all go to charity, in which case the winner would most likely receive a donated prize as opposed to a payout from the auction pot.

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