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Authorizing certain improvements of quarters of a credit union. Fleming Treasurer $327,772 8S BEVERLY Beverly Investment Credit Union 39 Bow Street Incorporated December 2, 1913 Max Toll President Total Assets Max Weinberg Treasurer $54,515 34 P. 8, Section B 11 Beverly Municipal Credit Union 234 Cabot Street Incorporated May 7, 1952 G.

10 Authorizing credit unions to make loans to members and depositors in anticipation of dividends.

5ZJr Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 public Document No. Herzig Assistant Director of Credit Union Examinations Carl H. Text 77 vn Credit Unions: Abstracts of Annual Reports Aggregate Statements and Statistical Data . 8, Section B iii ®be Commontoealtf) of i Ulas&acfmsett* Office of the Commissioner of Banks 150 Causeway Street, Boston October 1, 1960 To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonivealth of Massachusetts: I have the honor of submitting to you herewith the annual report of the Commissioner of Banks relating to Credit Unions, pursuant to the provi- sions of General Laws, Chapter 167, Section 9, as most recently amended by Section 1 of Chapter 592 of the Acts of 1949. During the period ending June 30, 1960, one new credit union began business, eleven entered into liquidation.

8 QTfje Commontoealtf) of j$lag£acfm£ettg DIVISION OF BANKS AND LOAN AGENCIES ANNUAL REPORT of the COMMISSIONER OF BANKS for the Year Ending June 30, 1960 SECTION B Relating to CREDIT UNIONS Publication of thib Document Approved bt Bebnabd Solomon, State Pubchasino Agent 500-70 Estimated Cost Per Copy: $2.87 P. 8, Section B ®ije Commontoealtf) of jffflastfarfmsett* DIVISION OF BANKS AND LOAN AGENCIES 150 Causeway Street, Boston Commissioner of Banks Edward A. Baker Director of Research and Statistics George C. Legislation Enacted (Acts of 19) Lists Showing Location, President, Treasurer, etc. The financial statements and miscellaneous statistical data incorporated herein pertaining to Credit Unions are for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1960. The following facts and figures present highlights of the composite financial con- dition of the credit unions on June 30, 1960 and changes effective during the previ- ous twelve months' period.

8, Section B CONTENTS Central Credit Union Fund, Inc. Text PAGE 77 vii Credit Union Employees Retirement Association : Abstract of Annual Report ..... 8, Section B CREDIT UNIONS The statistical information provided in the following review and in supporting schedules and composite statements, relates to the twelve months' period from July 1, 1959 to June 30, 1960, inclusive.

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