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I told her I wanted her to tend to my **** and she knows what that means. He would blindfold me and tie me in the doggy position and he used to **** my *** with different things and then make me guess what each one was... My boss approached my desk with a strange arrogant smirk on his face. To torture me my boyfriend just puts the head of his **** in and pauses. I have to say the first time I experienced anal I was only 14, and he was HUGE and didn't use any lube!!!

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"Anal sex is dirty, nasty, forbidden and if you like it you are a dirty ****" what I... Working me, my heavy udders slamming from the force. There is nothing I enjoy more than having my *** eaten.

I have always been this adventurous woman when it came to sex and almost anything else, but anal sex scared me and seemed somewhat forbidden. The feeling od you pushing my hole stretching it to force your way in. My second favorite thing is getting ****** in the ***. I post ads on craigslist with my pics and say I just want someone to **** my *** but never can get a serious response...

We always knew that rape was a problem, but never before have we been so mobilized to create change.

As writers, educators, and advocates of sex-positivity and healthy consent, the four of us have been inundated with requests from parents for advice on how to help create a future with less rape and sexual assault.

No lube most of time coconut oil or spit but I love to feel the tremendous pain inside which bound me to pee without will most...

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