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Relatives react after a Russian airliner with 217 passengers and seven crew aboard crashed as people gather at Russian airline Kogalymavia's information desk at Pulkovo airport in St. There have been media reports that they have acquired Russian shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missiles.

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The Russian airliner that crashed on Saturday was cruising at 31,000 feet when it lost contact with air traffic controllers, according to Egyptian aviation officials.

CBS News' Alex Ortiz reports from Cairo that online flight trackers show that the plane had reached a cruising speed of 400 knots before suddenly dropping to 28,000 feet and dramatically slowing to 93 knots. In January 2014, Sinai-based militants claimed to have shot down a military helicopter; Egyptian officials at the time acknowledged the helicopter had crashed, but gave no reason.

Some left the room occasionally, looking drawn with tear-stained faces.

Yulia Zaitseva said her friends, newlywed couple Elena Rodina and Alexqander Krotov, were on the flight. Zaitseva said Rodina, her friend for 20 years, "really wanted to go to Egypt, though I told her 'why the hell do you want to go to Egypt?

They offered no evidence at all and are not known to have the capability to do so.

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