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I was coming up for a captain upgrade in a couple of months, and he made it pretty clear that it would be in my better interest to come over and spend the weekend with him while his wife was gone.

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I didn't agree with that, which kind of rankled him, because he knew he couldn't make a cogent argument for his viewpoint." Emily allows that there are, of course, myriad reasons that any given relationship might end, and talks about other factors that may have affected her own.

But she senses a pattern, one that she says she finds corroborated by many of her female friends who out-earn their partners.

Emily then moved to a job at a bigger cargo carrier, where part of her work involved piloting a C-130 Hercules into Africa — her employer had been contracted by NGOs and international aid organizations to bring "food to places where people were starving to death," she said. That money factored into her relationship at the time.

She was married again, to a pilot for a different airline.

As she put it, "I am generous with my opinions and articulate in expressing them, and it doesn't go over well sometimes." This forthrightness didn't play too well when she was 22 years old and married to a U. Air Force officer in Germany, she told me: "Back in the mid-'70s, officers' wives weren't ... But as far as I was concerned, I wasn't getting a green paycheck with my name on it every month, so I didn't feel bound by any code (of behavior).

Airline pilots and dating

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