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Although Top Up TV no longer sells Freeview Top Up cards, they can be found on community message boards and online marketplaces, such as e Bay.

Before purchasing a Top Up card, customers should know which channels and services they want to subscribe to and see if their Freeview box is compatible or has a CAM slot in order to make a smart purchase decision. Whereas Freeview only has five channels to choose from, Top Up TV has many more, with other services available too. To receive Top Up TV services, viewers should be able to receive Channel 5.

Before the switch to digital, analogue users needed a Freeview receiver box and an aerial antenna to receive content.

The Top Up TV card was then inserted into the card slot, and TV watchers were given access to all Top UP TV channels.

With the 2012 conversion, the only equipment needed is the Top Up TV Anytime box to view the channels.

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