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If you would like to check out the goods for yourself, hurry over to the 1st arrondissement. You can select flowers from the florist, meat from the butcher, bread from the bakery and mecs (guys) from a boutique called "Adopte un Mec". Packaged in boxes, they come with the following instructions: As a happily married woman, I was just browsing this afternoon while other excited shoppers loaded up their carts with geeks, airplane pilots, doctors and musclemen.But this publicity generating pop-up tour is just an added boost to the site’s already impressive popularity, which has been growing since its 2010 launch.

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Alternatively they can search through hundreds of Polaroid photos pinned up on a notice board to see if anyone catches their eye.

One of the men, Arnaud Dimard, 24, told Le Point: ‘It’s nothing like the girls in Amsterdam – there’s no prostitution and we’re there to serve these young ladies.’ Created in 2008 the popular site, which invites men to sign up and post profiles online, recently decided to expand its operations with a travelling road show.

The site actually wants women to feel like they’re shopping for men, and the home page actually says ““There are 0 men in your cart.” Business is booming and Adopte Un Mec has over 300 million page views per month.

Now this Adopt-a-Guy shop really has guys looking like merchandise, but feminists are saying the same thing has been happening to women in popular venues like Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

It will showcase the men for ten days in Paris before going to a host of other cities including Brussels, Lausanne, Toulouse and Lyon.

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