black speed dating events los angeles - Accomodating learners

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Hand out a written sheet of the questions or topics you will discuss in class that day or the following day.

Put technical or unfamiliar words and important new terms on the board or handout.

It is important for the IEP or 504 planning team to include a professional with expertise in the educational needs of students with hearing loss so that the unique access and learning needs of the student with hearing loss are understood and can be appropriately accommodated.

Many of the students in Project Athena will be on free or reduced lunch status, be minority students or have a learning disability of some kind.

The teacher: Some students in Project Athena may be twice-exceptional, both gifted and learning-disabled or attention deficit.

Those students may require additional accommodation approaches to be employed.

Avoid having students face the light source (Blair 81). ” or “Ask her if she has the paper today.” Say instead, “Do you have the paper today?

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