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The purpose of our study is to precisely delineate deformational pattern of the Shan-Thai Block using a newly edited palaeomagnetic database.

The Shan-Thai Block, which received strong tectonic deformation in the Cenozoic era, is situated to the southeast of eastern Himalayan syntaxis (Wang & Burchfiel 2000; Wang 2004). 1, this block is separated from the Yangtze Block by a NW–SE trending Red River Fault to the northeast, while N–S trending Sagaing Fault and the Gaoligong shear zone are separating it from the West Burma Block in the west and northwest, respectively.

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Dotted zone is the Chongshan-Lancang-Chiang Mai Belt.

Observed mean declination at each sampling locality in the Shan-Thai and neighbouring blocks is indicated by arrows (Jurassic: open arrow, Cretaceous: solid arrow).

Detailed picture of the tectonic deformation from this region will shed further light on establishing a plausible tectonic model.

The present day deformational features of the Asian Continent with an order of 1000 km can be viewed by a snapshot available through the GPS data, which clearly show clockwise rotational movement around the eastern Himalayan syntaxis in East Asia (Wang 2004).

Following this some local clockwise rotational motion has occurred during the Pliocene-Quaternary time in central part of the Shan-Thai Block as a result of internal block movements along the reactivated network of faults.

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